Bruce Blair, an internationally renowned scholar, expert, and activist on the risks of accidental nuclear war, died in July 2020. In more than forty years of research and writing and policy engagement, Blair demonstrated that these risks were far greater than understood or imagined by scholars, or by the civilian and military policy makers and leaders responsible for managing nuclear weapons. His work generated and informed important and enduring nuclear policy debates on these dangers and ways to address them. Bruce Blair’s published work is gathered together and made available here as a resource for scholars, students, activists, and policy makers.

In his Yale PhD thesis, and his books, reports, including material produced for the US Congress’ Office of Technology Assessment that has still not been declassified, many articles, essays, op-eds, interviews and briefings, and Congressional testimony, Blair revealed how these risks were an inevitable outcome of existing nuclear postures and policies, and related command and control systems. His work includes ideas for crisis management between nuclear-armed states, measures to reduce the risks of accidental, mistaken, and unauthorized launch of nuclear weapons, the need for shifting to safer nuclear postures, including a policy of no-first-use of nuclear weapons, deep nuclear arsenal reductions, and for the ultimate elimination of all nuclear weapons.



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