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Anne Stickells is a PhD student in Security Studies at Princeton’s School of Public and International Affairs.  Prior to coming to Princeton, Anne worked at RAND as a research assistant, where a number of her projects were related to nuclear policy.  Anne graduated from Stanford in 2015 with a BA in Science, Technology, and Society, and a minor in Creative Writing.


Research Interests


Anne’s interests are focused on the intersection of conventional weapons and nuclear policy. In recent work she has considered the concept of entanglement and discussed whether the way the phenomena is researched today takes into consideration past cases and examples. Anne has also spent time researching hypersonic weapons and considering their potential impact on the future of international security. She hopes to consider this research and is currently assessing how condensed decision timelines impact the choices made by policy makers.


G. Nacouzi, J. D. Williams, B. Dolan, A. Stickells, D. Luckey, C. Ludwig, J. Xu, Y. Shokh, D. M. Gerstein, and M. H. Decker, Assessment of the Proliferation of Certain Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, CA, 2018.