July 20, 2020

The Program on Science and Global Security is committed to the practice of public-interest research, teaching, and outreach in building a more just and peaceful future for all. It recognizes the impacts of systemic racism against black lives and supports efforts to counter the structures of exclusion and domination that work to deny and limit the dignity and rights of minoritized communities to participate freely and contribute fully and equally in society. Dehumanization of others also informs policies and analysis regarding nuclear weapons, other weapons of mass destruction, public health, and emerging global security issues, which are the focus of our work.

Consistent with the goals of the University, the School of Public and International Affairs, and informed by the demands of students, researchers, staff, and faculty, the Program will work to deepen its practice beginning with the following steps:

  • Developing an interdisciplinary publicly available collection of scholarly and other works exploring issues of structural racism and other forms of exclusion and domination in arms control, disarmament, biosecurity, pandemic response, emerging technologies, security studies and policy making;
  • Establishing a seminar series and engagement focused on critical scholarship, activism, and experience of exclusion and domination often missing from arms control, disarmament, and security studies that could broaden our perspective of how we view and approach our work; and
  • Seeking to encourage and recruit next-generation researchers from underrepresented minority backgrounds to join our field, including through a new postdoctoral position, and outreach to graduate students, undergraduate students and high school students.